Hey, Y'all

 After many years in beautiful but often-dour New England I now live with my family in south Texas, where I can swig a margarita made with fresh lime juice outdoors in December, wear pointy-toed Luccheses, and don false eyelashes and something violently leopard-spotted and sequined (without irony!) if the whim strikes. To my never-ending wonder this is all not only socially acceptable, but encouraged.

My dogs' prefix--Seaborne--came from living for many years on the coast of Maine. It’s stayed relevant since we now also have a place near the water in Alaska.

I'm a second-generation dog show enthusiast who's devoted to the advancement and well-being of my dogs, and I've focused exclusively on Cavaliers as a small but serious hobby breeder for over twenty years. I am a long-standing member of our national as well as regional and local Cavalier clubs, write occasionally for one of our national club's quarterly publications, have volunteered for too many regional and national Club committees and positions to keep track of at this point, including Rescue, and I follow current Cavalier health protocols and research. Oh, and I have fun with my dogs! They make me laugh--and sometimes grit my teeth--every day. 

I have just a few Cavaliers, nearly all of Chadwick descent: as always, thank you, Anne--and rarely breed a litter. When I do, the objective is always to hopefully produce a puppy that's nice enough for me to keep as a show prospect; because I'm breeding for myself first, health, type, and temperament are paramount. I'm proud of my dogs and really want all of them--my own as well as the ones who have gone to other homes--to live long, uncomplicated, happy lives. 

I love all dogs, purebreds and mutts alike, but have found that Cavaliers are truly special and live up to their well-earned historical nickname of "Comforter Spaniels."

Thanks for stopping by.