10/2018: One of the newest Seabornes (NOT for sale)

10/2018: One of the newest Seabornes (NOT for sale)

9/18: We’re enjoying a new litter—our first in 18 months. None are currently for sale: if I decide to release any after making my own decisions and their health clearances, I’ll be screening potential homes. Please note that I only sell my puppies with AKC Limited registrations and with a spay/neuter contract. I do NOT sell breeding dogs.

8/18: Zoe finished her Championship during the CKCSC/GH-Toy Club specialty weekend here in Houston; thanks and affection, as always, to Rose (who started with us nearly a decade ago showing Zoe’s grandmother!).

7/18: Several things have happened. My husband's job has taken him temporarily to Alaska, and we've leased a house there...it was always on our bucket list, we just never expected it to occur quite this way! I mean, we were thinking "cruise." Skip is at home here in Houston as often he can be, and I've been going back and forth to Alaska as well. We love it up there; it's been fun (and challenging) to get to know such a fabulous place in far greater depth than we ever dreamed would be possible. Zoe has been there too--and even got to go to a show. We're still Houston-based, though, and that won't change. 

Zoe still has just the one Major in order to finish her Championship...and they're proving darned hard to find right now. Lots of shows, lots of points...no Majors. 

So exciting: we have a new kid! Her name is Tess, and many, many thanks to her breeder, Dana, and her sire's owner, Kevin, for letting her come to us. We love her. Stay tuned.

2/29-3/30/18: Zoe was WB/BOW  both days at Mid-Del-Tinker KC in Claremore, OK; she's pointed out and just needs a Major to finish her Championship.

3/10-11/18: At the San Antonio Kennel Club shows, Zoe was Winners Bitch and Best Opposite over three specials on Saturday for a 4-point Major, and WB again on Sunday.

3/4/18: Zoe was Winners Bitch yesterday and today at Brazos Valley Kennel Club; she was also Best of Winners today. She's had a great start, going WB (or better) at 5 of her 6 shows. Thanks again to Rose! 

2/26/18: Zoe was Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, and Best of Breed over a Special from the puppy 9-12 class at only her second-ever show weekend. Interestingly, her grandmother and her mother did the same thing at about the same age, so Zoe's continuing a nice streak! Thanks, as ever, to Rose for showing her when I can't. 

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